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Memory and the city: research approaches and methodologies


coordinated by

Filippo De Pieri

Florence Graezer Bideau



Alessandro Armando

Nicola Braghieri

Yves Pedrazzini


2016 - 2017


Politecnico di Torino (DASP, Dottorato in Architettura: Storia e Progetto) and the EPFL (EDAR, Doctoral Program Architecture & Sciences of the City)


The seminar will be dedicated to a review and analysis of key literature and theories on the study of urban memory. In particular, the course will explore the ways in which memory studies have influenced research and education in the field of architecture and urban studies from WWII to the present day. The activities of the seminar are linked to the research project "Memory and the city: assessing tools for interdisciplinary research and teaching", jointly undertaken by Politecnico di Torino and EPFL Lausanne in 2016-17, under the coordination of Filippo De Pieri and Florence Graezer Bideau.

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